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Syslore develops high-performance address matching and recognition solutions for postal and logistics companies, helping them to cut operational costs, maximize mail sorting automation and deliver physical and digital mail streams more efficiently.

Our products and solutions are utilized in the following areas:

  • Address recognition in postal automation and mail sorting
  • Address matching and identity resolution in digital and hybrid mail
  • Pre-sorting and sequencing of letter mail and parcels
  • Data quality, MDM, address cleansing and validation
  • Error-tolerant fuzzy searching
Our products and solutions apply fuzzy matching, artificial intelligence, OCR/ICR, pattern recognition and machine vision technologies to recognize address and other data with unmatched accuracy, speed and intelligence.

Our expertise and solutions are based on focused R&D, relentless work and the lessons learned from solving the most challenging address recognition and data matching problems with our customers and partners. Syslore uses agile software development and project management methods and we have a comprehensive Quality Management System for our project management and software development processes.

Syslore Facts:

  • Founded 2000, privately held
  • Based in Helsinki, Finland
  • Customers: Postal and Logistics Companies
  • Solutions: High-Performance Address Matching and Recognition
  • Key technologies: Fuzzy Matching, OCR/ICR, Pattern Recognition, Machine Vision

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