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Syslore Match

Intelligent address lookup and identity resolution system, handling address and recipient data in digital form.

Syslore Match is a platform for intelligent address lookup solutions, and is our foundation for creating address matching solutions and services that require high performance, accuracy and dynamic scalability.

The dual matching engine approach of Syslore Match is designed to match inexact, incomplete and inconsistent addresses, person and company name data against valid address databases with superior efficiency and minimal errors. Syslore Match provides several different matching applications by default, including:

  • Address cleansing and validation
  • Mail and parcel presorting
  • Address lookup services

New use cases and applications can be quickly created utilizing the well documented and standards compliant programming interfaces. Syslore Match is available as a cloud-based SaaS solution or as an on-site deployment. Integration to existing systems is easy with a readily available Syslore Match SDK.

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Key Features

Accuracy and Performance 

  • 140 address recognitions per second, per node, with up to 96% Recipient, 98% Delivery Point and 99.5% to ZIP level recognitions with very low error rate, and query latencies under 200 ms
  • Scales from one node to a full cabinet supporting up to 18 million queries per hour, 432 million per day!


  • Standards compliant and open interfaces for all communication, making integrations quick and cost effective.
  • Network and application integration architecture is based on modern and proven technologies such as HTTP, REST, SOA and others.


  • Take control of your ever changing business rules by editing them directly in our rule engine. 
  • Postal address databases can be set to update automatically from a central location, or your staff can use our self service interface for uploads.
  • Ensure production quality by integrating Syslore Match to your central network management system (IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, MS Operations Manager and others).


  • If you are looking for a hosted solution, Syslore Match as a Service allows secure cloud based deployments. It is also a cost effective way to create test environments.

Quality of Service

  • Best matching rates in the world
  • High availability (99.99%) for all services
  • Decreased customer complaints

Revenue Generation

  • Fast service creation, Fast time to market
  • Virtualization in either private or Syslore infrastructure
  • Language and character independent matching


  • Centralized matching
  • Investment sharing with multiple operators in a group 
  • Low entry level cost and cost efficient scalability
  • Smooth deployment and ease of integration using open interfaces
  • Complete Syslore portfolio on one single platform

Reduced OPEX

  • Reduce maintenance costs 
  • Service customisation using self-service tools
  • Centralized performance monitoring and quality control
  • Reduced development costs

Secure and Future-proof Investment

  • Open standards based system, HW and SW architecture
  • Open service creation 
  • Future-proof system architecture
  • Unlimited throughput
Please contact Syslore sales for complete Match Solution Description.
Best address matching performance in the world.
Standards compliant with open interfaces, making integrations cost effective and future-proof.
Language and character independent matching, supporting Arabic and other scripts.
Deployment as a site installation or a hosted solution.